Tender, juicy, fall-off-the-bone ribs

Our pulled pork is smoky sweet

Moist and delicious

Half a chicken won't be enough!

Baked beans - sweet as candy

Our famous smoked collard greens -

Try them with hot sauce!

Pies in a cup - Pecan and Sweet Potato

Home Cooked Goodness

Smoked the traditional, down home way

Bring home a homemade cake or peach cobbler

Everything made from scratch
  • Moist and delicious
  • Try them with hot sauce!
  • Home Cooked Goodness
  • Everything made from scratch

Carry Out Barbecue Restaurant

Try the taste of our home in the comfort of your home! The Bar-B-Q Queen serves up the best Southern Barbecue in town.

We have meaty, juicy ribs, pork and chicken, but that's not all.  People come from miles away for our smoked collard greens, corn bread and other sides, and for our homemade cakes, peach cobbler and pies.  Everything is made from scratch, from the barbecue sauce to the caramel on the cakes.

Follow your nose to the Bar-B-Q Queen... you'll be glad you did!